Transport Planning Unit pledges a bright vision of being a leading transport policy and planning organization in the public sector of Pakistan. In particular, we envision to “Leading a dynamic, passionate and professional workforce affirmative about the future."


TPU aims to develop and implement safe, fair and sustainable transport systems to create a prosperous and well-connected society.


Transport Planning Unit undertakes the mission of planning and implementing the innovative solutions ensuring accessibility, reliability, mobility, convenience and public safety.


Our ultimate goal is to be forerunner organization within the country for planning our communities through the sustainable transport solutions. Transport Planning Unit targets to meet the transport needs of public from all the segments within the society, through providing advanced, efficient and the best transport management solutions. In addition, TPU is aspired to contribute value through a long-term growth, while continuing to play a significant and responsible role in the social, economic and environmental sectors of Pakistan.

The key objectives of the Transport Planning Unit are to develop, maintain and manage the transport systems of major cities of Punjab through professionally prepared “sustainable” transport plans.

Transparency, Equity, Honesty and Integrity are the guiding principles fully owned and followed by all the team members of Transport Planning Unit.