Sheikhupura Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP)

Sheikhupura or (Shekhupura, Shekhu Pura) is an industrial city in the Punjab province of Pakistan located northwest of metropolis of Lahore. It is known for its historical places, and is commonly known locally as "Qila (fort) Shaikhupura”, because of the fort in the city constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.


  • To plan safe, convenient, efficient and equitable transportation system
  • To achieve a sustainable transportation system that is dynamically integrated with land-use

Scope of the Study

  • To identify the existing transportation issues
  • To define goals and objectives for target year 2030
  • To formulate short term action plan for next 5 years

Main Features 

  • To optimize the “mobility and travel patterns of people and goods” rather than of vehicles
  • To focus on the improvement and promotion of public transport, non motorized vehicles and pedestrians, as important transport modes in Punjab cities
  • To provide a recognized and effective platform for integrating land-use and transport planning
  • To focus on the optimization of goods’ movement
  • To develop strategic action plan for the target year 2030