Punjab Green Development (PGD) Program

​Punjab Government signed an agreement under the name of Punjab Green Development (PGD) Program with World Bank.

Objectives and key results

In this context Projects and Transport Department provides following

  • Two Projects of Transport Department were included in PGD Program
  • Hiring the Services of Transaction Advisory Firm for Establishment of Private Vehicle Inspection and Certification System (PVICS) in Punjab
  • Hiring the Consultancy Services for Standardizing the manufacturing and operations of three-wheelers in Punjab
  • Unapproved scheme for hiring the consultancy services for three-wheeler has been included in ADP 2018-19
  • Transaction Advisor for PVICS will be financed through Project Development Fund (PDF) with PPP Cell, P&D Department
  • Concept Paper along with TORs for PVICS prepared and submitted to PPP Cell, P&D Department on 6th February 2019 for approval of PPP Steering Committee 
  • Requirement for establishment of PDU at Transport Department has been prepared and submitted to P&D Department for approval