Identification of Urban and Sub-Urban Bus Routes for Sialkot City

The Transport Department (TD) as per its responsibilities has introduced new urban buses in the major cities of the Punjab to provide efficient, comfortable, safe, and economical public transport throughout the Punjab. TPU was assigned the task of identifying Urban and Sub-Urban HOV (bus) Routes in Sialkot city and to study the feasibility of proposed routes. In this regard, a team from TPU visited Sialkot on 25-07-2012 and met Secretary DRTA, Sialkot, DO (HRM) and Sialkot Chamber of Commerce international (SCCI)’s personnel.

The team visited the four proposed routes, location of terminals and analyzed their capacity and conditions. The team also carried out road and intersection's inventory along with embankment of important land-use of the city. The Team made comprehensive recommendations for improvement of public transport provision and operations throughout the city. These include:

  • A reliable, comfortable, respectable and environmental friendly bus service should be provided in Sialkot. It is because presently para-transit i.e, qingqis, auto-rickshaws, pick-ups and wagons are plying in the city without any proper routes
  • Sub-urban routes proposed by Sialkot Chamber of Commerce International (SCCI) and Secretary DRTA are viable routes as they not only will serve the residents of small villages and students of the educational institutions but also benefit the labor force commuting to the industries along the route
  • The Government should take initiative to ensure the availability of to all bus operators seven days a week in all districts of Punjab in order to minimize the operational losses
  • Removal of encroachments and illegal parking through enforcement for smooth operations of the proposed bus service is utmost necessary